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Heroin Rehab in Vermont. Locate rehab centers in Vermont that provide treatment for heroin addiction and dependency. Heroin rehab centers in VT located on this page provide 1 month, 6 month and 1 year inpatient programs, as well as heroin detox services. Common treatment therapies used in the top Vermont heroin rehab centers include CBT, contingency management, REBT and 12-step.

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Many individuals are dealing with a heroin addiction in Vermont. This is a serious problem that many are worried about facing on their own. While they may have tried to stop using the heroin on their own, this can be very difficult due to the way heroin will interact with the chemicals in the brain. A heroin rehab is one of the best ways to handle a heroin addiction in Vermont.

Heroin Detox in Vermont

Patients who are looking for treatment options for a heroin addiction will need to start with a heroin detox. If this is enough to make your palms sweaty because you have tried and failed with a detox in the past, do not worry. When you are at heroin rehab in Vermont, your detox will occur with a medical team there to assist and supervise you every step of the way.

The point of having a medically assisted detox is to ensure that the patient will be successful. It is hard to predict how the patient will react, and which symptoms they will have, when they stop using the heroin. For some, the symptoms will be uncomfortable, but not life-threatening, but this may not be true of many others.

During the detox, the medical team will provide monitoring and supervision for the patient, making sure that the patient is doing fine the whole time. If something does go wrong, the medical team will be able to step in and provide relief and help to each patient.

Treatment Methodologies

One portion of the heroin rehab is the treatment part. While patients will need to complete the detox first, they will also need to spend time learning about the addiction and discovering some of the techniques that they can use to prevent them from running right back to the heroin use in the future. This is often done with the use of different forms of therapy.

The medical team will be able to work with the patient to determine the best treatment plan for that patient while they are at heroin rehab. Some of the options for treatment for the patient can include:

  1. Individual therapy: This is time for the patient to work one on one with the therapist to learn more about their addiction and how they can avoid it in the future. Options like contingency management, CBT, and DBT are common and can help the patient be prepared for life after the heroin rehab.
  2. Group therapy: The next step in the process is group therapy. Through this, the patient will learn how to work with others and how to learn about addiction treatment methods with those who are at the facility as well.
  3. Family therapy: This is frequently used at senior heroin rehab or teenager heroin rehab to help family members learn more about the addiction and some of the ways that they can support the patient after treatment.
  4. Life skills: Some patients have been dealing with the addiction for a long time. They may struggle to do basic tasks like cook or clean up after themselves. Some may need help finding a new job. The heroin rehab can provide assistance with all of this.
  5. Dual diagnosis; During individual therapy, the patient can work with the therapist to learn whether an underlying mental health condition is present as well. This can be treated at the heroin rehab center as well.
  6. Medications: IT is possible that medications can be used during the time in treatment. This is often used to help if it is discovered there is a mental health disorder for the patient that needs to be healed as well.

Treatment Duration

The patient will need to consider how long they would like to stay at heroin rehab in order to fight off the heroin addiction. Most patients will find that a 30-day stay at treatment for heroin addiction will be enough to help them on their journey to sobriety. Those with a more severe addiction may want to consider staying for 60, or even 90, days to help them get more time to master the techniques that they learn during therapy.

The most common lengths of time for a patient at heroin rehab in Vermont is 30, 60, and 90 days. The patient will need to determine how long they would like to receive treatment for and then find a good heroin rehab center to help make that possible.

Cost of Treatment

The cost of each heroin rehab is going to be an important thing to consider. This cost will determine which option the patient chooses for their heroin addiction. Where the facility is located, the number and types of amenities, and even how long the patient will stay at treatment to help with the heroin detox will help to determine the final price.

The average cost for a patient to get a month of treatment at heroin rehab is $10,500. The patient can also choose luxury heroin rehab if they would like some of the best amenities around, but these come at a higher cost, with many starting at $25,000 a month.

Insurance Coverage

If a patient is worried about coming up with the funds to attend an inpatient heroin rehab in Vermont, then it is time to take a look at the different insurance plans that will provide coverage for at least part of the patient’s time at heroin rehab. There are many great companies who are willing to provide this to their patients, based on the type of policy that the patient chooses.

While there are some smaller options for health insurance companies in Vermont, the two main options are MVP Health Plan and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont. Both have different tier levels of coverage based on the level of care or how many medical visits the patient believes they will have. The patient must take a look at their own policy to see which tier they currently have and the amount of coverage that is available to them.

20 Heroin Rehab Centers in Vermont

Lund Family Center - Burlington, VT

Lund Family Center is a heroin rehab center in Burlington, Vermont, 05401 zip code.

Address: 76 Glen Road, Burlington, VT 05401 in Chittenden County

Services provided:

  • HIV early intervention, social skills training and professional interventionist
  • Residential treatment for heroin abuse
  • Outpatient heroin treatment, long-term heroin rehab and regular outpatient heroin treatment
  • People with trauma, heroin rehab for LGBT and domestic violence victims
  • Accepts Medicaid

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Valley Vista - Bradford, VT

Valley Vista is an inpatient heroin rehab in Bradford, Vermont, 05033 zip code.

Address: 23 Upper Plain, Bradford, VT 05033 in Orange County

Services provided:

  • Sliding fee scale
  • Cocaine detox, in-patient methamphetamines detoxification and inpatient alcohol detox
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Judicial clients, in-patient heroin rehab for adult males and people with trauma
  • Inpatient treatment for co-occurring mental health and heroin use
  • HIV early intervention, peer support and housing services
  • Residential heroin rehab, residential heroin detoxification and 30 day inpatient heroin rehab

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Recovery House Inc Grace House - Rutland, VT

Recovery House Inc Grace House is a residential heroin rehab center in Rutland, Vermont, 05701 zip code.

Address: 35 Washington Street, Rutland, VT 05701 in Rutland County

Services provided:

  • Residential heroin abuse treatment
  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • Social skills development, sober housing services and HIV early intervention
  • Long term heroin rehab, outpatient methadone/buprenorphine/naltrexone treatment and outpatient heroin treatment

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White River Junction Va Medical Center Behavioral Health Service Line - White River Junction, VT

White River Junction Va Medical Center Behavioral Health Service Line is an inpatient heroin rehab center in White River Junction, Vermont, 05009 zip code.

Address: 215 North Main Street, Unit 116-A, White River Junction, VT 05009 in Windsor County

Services provided:

  • Self help meetings, housing services and social skills training
  • Inpatient heroin detox
  • Inpatient alcohol detox, inpatient opioid detoxification and in-patient methamphetamines detoxification
  • Accepts Medicare
  • Regular outpatient heroin treatment, 30 day inpatient heroin rehab and inpatient hospital heroin rehabilitation

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Common questions and answers for Vermont heroin rehab centers:

Q: Does Vermont have rehab facilities for teenagers who use heroin?

A: Young adults and teenagers are really vulnerable and may become dependent on heroin. Vermont has rehabilitation centers that concentrate on heroin addiction in teenagers and adolescents.

Q: What’s the cost for heroin rehab in Vermont?

A: The price for inpatient heroin rehab in Vermont, on average, is $467 daily.

Q: What is the ideal treatment duration for heroin abuse in Vermont?

A: Because most Vermont rehabs offer programs which have a duration of 30 days or more, it is suggested that you get treatment for at least a 30 day period. Those who have a long history of heroin use shall enroll in a longer treatment duration which lasts 60 days.

Q: Is there payment assistance for heroin rehab in Vermont?

A: Heroin rehabilitation is an important part of recovery. Vermont has a number of payment options for recovering from heroin addiction. Some of the frequently used assistance programs are sliding-fee payment, Medicare and Medicaid.

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