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Heroin Rehab in Idaho. Locate rehab centers in Idaho that provide treatment for heroin addiction and dependency. Heroin rehab centers in ID located on this page provide 1 month, 6 month and 1 year inpatient programs, as well as heroin detox services. Common treatment therapies used in the top Idaho heroin rehab centers include CBT, contingency management, REBT and 12-step.

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Heroin addiction is a condition that can take over the life of the individual. With the use of opioids being more readily available than ever before, you may find that the levels of addiction are going to increase as well. This results in more patients needing to look into heroin addiction treatment in Idaho.

There are many great heroin rehabs available in Idaho, giving the patient some of the care and attention that they need. Understanding how the patient can handle the addiction and the best ways to get better will ensure that you get the best results each time, living a life free of heroin addiction in no time.

Heroin Detox in Idaho

All patients will need to go through a heroin detox when they enter into a heroin detox program This is an important part of the process because it allows the patient to work with their medical professionals in order to eliminate the substance from them before they work on some of the other types of treatment that they need to do in the facility.

The detox is going to take between three to five days. The patient will often need to go cold turkey with their addiction, meaning that they will completely stop the use of the drug. If the medical staff is worried about the effects of stopping heroin suddenly, they will be able to utilize methadone on the patient to make this transition a little easier.

The withdrawal symptoms will be different for each patient, based on how long they used the substance and the amount of the substance that they used at the time. The patient may have minor symptoms like muscle aches and cravings, though some will have more severe issues like intense shaking and life-threatening issues.

These detoxes are done with the help of medical supervision. This allows the patient to have medical staff watch them through the whole process, making it easier to catch if something does go wrong during the detox. Medically supervised detoxes are more effective than the patient attempting to do the detox on their own at home.

Treatment Methodologies in Idaho

Each heroin addiction treatment in Idaho will have their own unique treatment methods to offer to patients, making it easier for them to get better and not have to deal with the heroin addiction any longer. With this said, patients can expect a combination of medication and therapy to help them out with their treatment.

Therapy is a big component of going through heroin rehabs in Idaho. This can include a combination of group and individual therapy based on the needs of the patient. The individual therapy will include methods like CBT, DBT, and contingency management to help the patient work through their addiction and get better. The therapist may also spend time exploring whether the patient is going to have a mental health condition at the same time.

The patient can also undergo group therapy. This type of therapy provides the patient with a chance to meet others at the heroin rehab center that have gone through the addiction as well. They can learn how to handle the addiction, form support groups that will guide them when they leave the facility, and find new ways to maintain sobriety.

If the patient does have a mental illness along with the heroin addiction, they may be given medications to help them handle both of these conditions at the same time. The medical professional will be able to help them figure out which medications will provide them with the best results.

Treatment Duration in Idaho

Patients will be able to choose facilities that last between 30 to 90-days to help them handle their heroin addiction. The longer the time the patient stays at the treatment facility, the easier it is for them to fight off the addiction and find the treatment that they need. 90-day treatment centers are recommended because they provide the patient with plenty of time to work through the addiction, go through the detox, and practice some of the skills that they learn during treatment. 30-day treatment is better for those who may not have time to spend as long in treatment, but who want a good head start on their work to recovery.

Cost of Treatment in Idaho

The cost of heroin rehab treatment in Idaho will depend on which facility the patient chooses to go with. The average cost for attending any of these facilities will be $10,000 for one month. If the patient chooses to go for a longer amount of time in therapy, they choose one in a different location with special features, or they want more amenities, then the patient will need to spend more on the treatment.

There are also luxury heroin rehabs available in the state of Idaho. These offer more in-depth services and special amenities than what the patient is able to find in some of the traditional rehab options. These also cost more. It is common to see these cost upwards of $25,000 or more a month. If the patient chooses any specialized care, like women heroin rehab, teenager heroin rehab, or other, the costs can change too.

Insurance Coverage in Idaho

There are different insurance options that patients can consider when it is time to look into heroin addiction treatment in Idaho. With the costs seeming high for many of the facilities that are there, and the fact that you may need to take some time off work to get treatment, finding help with these costs is important to many patients.

Thanks to the ACA, patients are able to utilize their health insurance to provide partial, if not full, coverage for their time at the heroin rehab. They will need to check with their current insurance provider to see how much is covered and which facilities currently accept their insurance plan. Most major insurance providers will be on the list of those who give coverage for substance abuse help.

20 Heroin Rehab Centers in Idaho

Port Of Hope Centers Inc - Boise, ID

Port Of Hope Centers Inc is an in-patient heroin rehab in Boise, ID, 83704 zip code.

Address: 7360 West Bethel Street, Boise, ID 83704 in Ada County

Services provided:

  • Group meetings, sober housing services and social skills training
  • Inpatient treatment for co-occurring mental health and heroin use
  • Outpatient heroin rehabilitation, intensive outpatient heroin treatment program and regular outpatient heroin treatment
  • Provides payment assistance
  • Accepts Federal funding

Rainbows End Recovery Center Llc - Challis, ID

Rainbows End Recovery Center Llc is an in-patient heroin rehabilitation center in Challis, Idaho, 83226 zip code.

Address: 25341 Highway 93, Challis, ID 83226 in Custer County

Services provided:

  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • Sexual abuse victims, people with trauma and domestic violence victims
  • 30 day inpatient heroin rehab programs, one year inpatient heroin rehab and outpatient heroin services
  • Residential treatment for heroin abuse
  • Methamphetamines detox, residential benzodiazepines detox and inpatient opioid detox
  • Mentoring, recovery management and self-help groups

Bell Chem Dependency Counseling Inc Harmony House - Meridian, ID

Bell Chem Dependency Counseling Inc Harmony House is an inpatient heroin rehab center in Meridian, ID, 83642 zip code.

Address: 4615 South Locust Grove, Meridian, ID 83642 in Ada County

Services provided:

  • People with trauma, sexual abuse victims and domestic violence victims
  • Residential heroin rehab and one year inpatient heroin rehab
  • Social skills training, case managers and mental health services
  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • Residential heroin abuse treatment

Moonlight Mountain Recovery Inc - Pocatello, ID

Moonlight Mountain Recovery Inc is an inpatient heroin rehab in Pocatello, Idaho, 83201 zip code.

Address: 5230 West Moonlight Mine Road, Pocatello, ID 83201 in Bannock County

Services provided:

  • Payment assistance available
  • Residential benzodiazepines detox and inpatient heroin detox
  • Heroin rehab for vets, military families and active duty military
  • Medical heroin detox
  • Transportation assistance, mentoring and domestic violence services
  • Accepts Military insurance
  • Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine/naltrexone treatment, regular outpatient heroin treatment and outpatient heroin rehab

Mk Place Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center - Pocatello, ID

Mk Place Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center is a residential heroin rehab center in Pocatello, ID, 83201 zip code.

Address: 110 South 19th Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83201 in Bannock County

Services provided:

  • Residential heroin addiction treatment
  • Outpatient heroin rehabilitation, regular outpatient heroin treatment and 90 day inpatient heroin rehab
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Housing services, mental health services and mentoring
  • Judicial clients, inpatient heroin rehab for teens and sexual abuse victims

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Nampa Treatment Center - Nampa, ID

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Nampa Treatment Center is a heroin rehab in Nampa, Idaho, 83686 zip code.

Address: 508 East Florida Avenue, Nampa, ID 83686 in Canyon County

Services provided:

  • Intensive outpatient heroin treatment, residential long term heroin treatment and short-term residential heroin rehab
  • Cocaine detox, inpatient opioid detox and inpatient alcohol detoxification
  • Case management, social skills development and mentoring
  • Medical heroin detox
  • Accepts Tribal/Urban/IHS funding
  • Co-occurring addiction and mental health treatment, residential heroin rehab for adult women and in-patient heroin rehab for adult men

Walker Center - Gooding, ID

Walker Center is an inpatient heroin rehab in Gooding, ID, 83330 zip code.

Address: 605 11th Avenue East, Gooding, ID 83330 in Gooding County

Services provided:

  • Inpatient heroin detoxification
  • Residential long term heroin treatment, short-term residential heroin rehab and residential heroin detox
  • Self help meetings, mental health services and sober housing services
  • Methamphetamines detox, residential benzodiazepines detoxification and inpatient cocaine detoxification
  • Accepts state health insurance
  • People with trauma, active duty military and sexual abuse victims

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Outpatient - Coeur d Alene, ID

Port Of Hope Centers Inc Outpatient is a residential heroin rehab in Coeur D Alene, ID, 83814 zip code.

Address: 218 North 23rd Street, Coeur d Alene, ID 83814 in Kootenai County

Services provided:

  • Sliding fee scale
  • Inpatient alcohol detox, inpatient cocaine detoxification and methamphetamines detox
  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • Residential heroin abuse treatment
  • Help with transportation, housing services and case managers
  • Regular outpatient heroin treatment, residential heroin rehab and short term inpatient heroin rehab

Stewards Of Recovery - Idaho Falls, ID

Stewards Of Recovery is a heroin addiction treatment center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, 83402 zip code.

Address: 163 East Elva Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 in Bonneville County

Services provided:

  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Heroin rehab for pregnant and postpartum women, in-patient heroin rehab for adult men and dual diagnosis treatment
  • Sliding fee scale
  • Mental health services, case managers and sober housing services
  • Cocaine detox, methamphetamines detox and inpatient opioid detox
  • Halfway and sober housing
  • 90 day and 1 year inpatient heroin rehab, residential heroin detoxification and IOT

Common questions and answers for Idaho heroin rehab centers:

Q: Does Idaho have rehab options for teenagers who use heroin?

A: younger adults and teenagers are really vulnerable and may become addicted to heroin. Idaho has treatment centers that specialize in heroin addiction in teenagers and adolescents.

Q: What is the pricing for heroin addiction treatment in Idaho?

A: The cost for inpatient drug rehab in Idaho, on average, is $412 per day.

Q: What is the optimal treatment duration for heroin abuse in Idaho?

A: Because most Idaho rehab centers provide programs that have a duration of 1 month or more, it is recommended that you get treatment for at least a 30 day period. People who have a long history of heroin use should enroll in a longer treatment program that lasts 2 months.

Q: Is there payment assistance for heroin rehab programs in Idaho?

A: Heroin treatment is an essential step to recovery. Idaho has many payment options for getting over heroin abuse. Several of the frequently used assistance programs are Medicaid, Medicare and State-Funded Payment Programs.

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