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Heroin Rehab in Delaware. Locate rehab centers in Delaware that provide treatment for heroin addiction and dependency. Heroin rehab centers in DE located on this page provide 1 month, 6 month and 1 year inpatient programs, as well as heroin detox services. Common treatment therapies used in the top Delaware heroin rehab centers include CBT, contingency management, REBT and 12-step.

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Opioid abuse is something that has been occurring for the past few years. Many people throughout the United States are worried about the effects of this condition and are looking for things to get better. In fact, Opioids are involved in nearly 70% of all overdose deaths in the state of Delaware. While the number of deaths for heroin have dropped in 2018 and beyond, this is still a major issue that a lot of people are dealing with on a regular basis.

For those who are dealing with heroin addiction, it is important to look into all of the options for heroin addiction treatment in Delaware. This will provide the best chance for the patient to get better and avoid long-term effects of their addiction. Understanding this addiction and all of the options for treatment available will make it easier to seek the treatment you need.

Heroin Detox in Delaware

The first step of any heroin rehab center in Delaware is for the patient to go through the detox process. This allows the patient time to work through their addiction and get better, by first helping them to get all of the heroin out of their bodies first.

Detoxing from heroin is difficult for a lot of patients. They have to worry about the harmful withdrawal symptoms that can occur for some patients. That is why many of these heroin rehabs will include medically supervised detox for the patient. If something does go wrong during the detox, there are medical professionals right there to provide assistance.

Most patients will find that the withdrawal symptoms are just uncomfortable, not life-threatening. They will still need assistance from their medical professionals for that three to five days. They may be given medication like Methadone to help limit some of the effects of heroin detox and they may be given other options to help with some of the other symptoms like Tylenol for the muscle aches and Imodium for the upset stomach.

Treatment Methodologies

Heroin addiction treatment in Delaware will have several different steps that will help you to get better and reach recovery with your addiction. Therapy is an integral part of this process, along with medications to help wean the patient off the heroin and to help with any of the underlying mental health conditions that may be present as well. Some of the treatment methodologies that are utilized during heroin addiction treatment includes:

  1. Medications: Some patients of heroin rehabs will need to use medications. Methadone and other similar medications are used to help the patient out with their heroin addiction, giving them a way to wean off the substance rather than stopping cold turkey. If it is determined the patient has an underlying mental health condition, they may receive medication to help with their depression, anxiety, or other condition.
  2. Group therapy: Group therapy helps the patient see that they are not alone in their healing. They will meet with others who are dealing with addiction at the same time, learning from them and building up a support group that is going to last them both during the treatment center and when they leave.
  3. Individual therapy: This is a critical time for the patient to learn more about their own triggers towards the heroin addiction so they can learn how to avoid them. Treatment options like CBT and contingency management are good options to use. The patient will work with their therapist to determine the right option for the patient, making sure that they get the best results when they are done.

The treatment options will follow the patient when they leave the treatment facility. Heroin rehabs understand that sobriety is a lifelong journey, one that is not done right when they leave the facility after a few months. The patient will need to go through therapy, medication, and support groups once they are done too.

Treatment Duration

The patient will need to work with the medical professionals to determine how long they should stay in inpatient heroin addiction rehab. Most treatments will last a minimum of 30 days from the time the patient starts to when they are done. This is the minimum amount of time necessary to help the patient get through the detox and spend some time in therapy, learning how to cope with their addiction and some of the triggers that cause them to relapse again.

For some patients, longer time at the inpatient treatment for heroin addiction is necessary. There are treatment options that last for 60 or 90 days as well. These are often seen as more effective than the shorter lengths, but will require that the patient spend more time at the treatment center rather than being at home. For severe heroin addiction, the 90-day treatment centers are the best choice.

Cost of Treatment

The average cost of Delaware heroin addiction treatment will be $10,000 for a month of treatment at the facility. The actual cost will depend on the amount of time the patient spends at the facility, how many specialized services they will need, and the amenities that they choose. Lower cost options can be as low as $3000 a month in Delaware, while some of the luxury treatments can be closer to $25,000 for a month. There are also different prices for couples’ heroin rehab, men and women rehab, and teenager rehab based on the needs of the patient.

Insurance Coverage

Patents will be able to get insurance coverage to help make heroin addiction rehab more affordable. Most of the major plans like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna will provide some coverage for patients who seek out inpatient treatment for their heroin addiction. The patient will need to take a look at their current insurance policy to see the type of coverage and the requirements that need to be met ahead of time to get the coverage. Some will need to consider the facility they choose too, as many plans will cover traditional inpatient treatment but may not provide any coverage for luxury heroin rehabs.

20 Heroin Rehab Centers in Delaware

Gaudenzia Inc New Journey - Ellendale, DE

Gaudenzia Inc New Journey is a heroin rehab in Ellendale, Delaware, 19941 zip code.

Address: 18514 Pentecostal Street, Ellendale, DE 19941 in Sussex County

Services provided:

  • Residential heroin rehab for adult women, in-patient heroin rehab for adult males and dual diagnosis treatment
  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • Inpatient treatment for co-occurring mental health and heroin use
  • Long-term residential heroin rehab and long-term heroin rehab
  • Housing services, recovery management and self help meetings

24/7 help with treatment

(855) 489-3619
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Connections Csp Inc Womens Residential Treatment Center - Wilmington, DE

Connections Csp Inc Womens Residential Treatment Center is an inpatient heroin rehab center in Wilmington, DE, 19802 zip code.

Address: 1121 Brandywine Street, Wilmington, DE 19802 in New Castle County

Services provided:

  • Accepts Medicaid
  • Domestic violence services, social skills development and case managers
  • Co-occurring addiction and mental health treatment, co-occurring substance abuse plus pain treatment and heroin rehab for pregnant and postpartum women
  • Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine/naltrexone treatment, intensive outpatient heroin treatment program and long-term residential heroin rehab
  • Inpatient dual diagnosis treatment

24/7 help with treatment

(855) 489-3619
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Connections Csp Inc Mens Residential Treatment Program - Harrington, DE

Connections Csp Inc Mens Residential Treatment Program is an inpatient heroin rehab center in Harrington, DE, 19952 zip code.

Address: 1-11 East Street, Harrington, DE 19952 in Kent County

Services provided:

  • Accepts self payment and cash
  • Judicial clients, co-occurring substance abuse plus pain treatment and heroin rehab for seniors and older adults
  • Social skills development, recovery coaches and sober housing services
  • Transitional and sober living
  • Long-term heroin rehab and 90 day and 1 year inpatient heroin rehab

24/7 help with treatment

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Common questions and answers for Delaware heroin rehab centers:

Q: Does Delaware have treatment options for teenagers who are addicted to heroin?

A: Young adults and teenagers are very vulnerable and may become addicted to heroin. Delaware has rehabilitation centers that specialize in heroin addiction in teenagers and adolescents.

Q: What are the costs for heroin addiction treatment in Delaware?

A: The cost for inpatient heroin rehab in Delaware, on average, is $424 daily.

Q: How long is the optimal treatment time for heroin abuse in Delaware?

A: Since most Delaware rehabs provide programs which have a duration of 1 month or longer, it is suggested that you receive treatment for at least a 30 day period. Addicts who have a serious history of heroin use shall go for a longer treatment duration which lasts 3 months.

Q: Is there help with paying for heroin rehab in Delaware?

A: Heroin rehabilitation is an important part of recovery. Delaware has numerous payment options for recovering from heroin addiction. Several of the frequently used assistance programs include Medicare, Medicaid and State Funded Programs.

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